Interested in serving?
We are so excited that you are interested in serving God's House! Our goal is to help you figure out what God is calling you to at Faith. Before you fill out this form, we would love for you to take this spiritual gifting test. You are given the choice between a youth and adult test. Once you have your results, you will have a second input of who God has created you to be and will better understand what role you will fill at Faith.
Make sure: 
1. You're a follower of Jesus.
2. You have read about who we are.
3. You're ready to be committed to serving God and serving others in love!
The Bible says that the body of Christ is like the human body. Without eyes, we cannot see. Without ears, we cannot hear. This is the same with the church. You are a part of the body of Christ, and without you, we cannot function properly!
What area would you like to serve in?